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Extra Spicy Wutai Noodle ([personal profile] reno) wrote2020-08-14 03:15 am
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ic ☢ voicemail

"Hey, obviously I'm not picking up my phone right now, probably because I'm doing something TOP SECRET and incredibly important. If you're Rude though, you know where to bring the thing. Also, bring some beer. And cheetos! Oh and uh, if you're Tseng, it's okay, I'm sure the fire has gone out by now. Unless you're calling about thing with the camel, in which case, it totally wasn't me. Also, don't watch the news. Also, I didn't charge all that mayonnaise to the company card, it was Cissnei! Also the hookers. That was her too. Oh, and if this is Zack, I got the mayonnaise! If this is that guy calling about the money, I'm good for it, I just need--[BEEP]"

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